Last weekend, media reporting was dominated by news about the WannaCry global cyber attack. It is only now that this cyber storm has finally settled that the real damage is becoming clear. Over 200,000 computers in 150 countries were infected with 'ransomware', a virus that blocks access to data. Victims included SMEs, factories, hospitals and shops as well as normal families. This attack made one thing clear: no-one is safe from cybercrime. That means it is high time to get some protection.

If you bear in mind these five tips, you leave far fewer opportunities open to cybercriminals:

  1. Make sure you have a good back-up. Back up your data on a daily basis. And don't forget to test whether you can easily restore the back-up if something goes wrong.
  2. Use good antivirus software. Preferably a recent antivirus solution that you update regularly, because viruses are constantly evolving.
  3. Keep your systems and programs up to date. By installing updates to your operating system and programs, you will automatically gain the most recent protection.
  4. Never click on links and attachments in e-mails if you aren't sure about them. Only open attachments and links in e-mails from known senders with content you can trust. In case of even the slightest doubt: immediately delete the message.
  5. Raise awareness among your employees. However well protected your systems are, humans remain the weakest link in the protection chain. That is why you should inform your employees about safe online behaviour. On the website of the CCU (Centre for Cyber Security Belgium) you will find a number of practical tips.

Despite these measures, cybercriminals unfortunately still manage to take new victims. Do you want absolute security? Then it may be worth considering cyber insurance.

This kind of insurance policy first and foremost offers you technical support from an expert to help you restore your data and systems. However, you will also be covered for financial 'consequential losses' resulting from viruses. This includes, for example, the costs resulting from down-time in production or a damages claim from a customer whose sensitive information was leaked.

What about the cost of cyber insurance? This depends on the size and activity of your company. A small SME can usually get cyber insurance for a few hundred euros a year.


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